Mel Kaye & Associates

Mel Kaye
(Broker Associate)

Keller Williams Realty

Direct: PCH.MEL.KAYE (724.635.5293)
Mobile: 805.300.1769
Fax: 888.371.1190
Email: Mel@MelKaye.Com 
Skype: Mel.Kaye
Lic #: 00742678

340 N. Westlake Blvd., Suite 100
Westlake Village, CA 91362

(I can handle your needs and address your concerns wherever in the US you may reside.  If you need personalized attention I can refer you to one of my 80,000+ associates.  Keller Williams is nationwide, with offices in most major cities.)

“The pessimist complains  about the wind.
The optimist expects the wind to change.
The leader adjusts the sails.”
– John Maxwell

No Matter WHAT:
“Happiness is a CHOICE


12 Responses to “Contact”

  1. dennis bizzarri Says:

    I own 2 properties in Fort Myers, one is a rental. I live in Ohio when I drive to Fort Myers for 2 months vacation can I dedcuct travel expense if I view and check my rental

  2. Damien Says:

    Do i have to have a place of residence to get tax benifites from a investment property

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