The tax benefits of buying a home versus renting |Patchogue|Medford|Homes for sale|LI Real Estate| by ErwinGironTax Benefits Of Owning Rental Property.  Rental property deductions are too significant to ignore.  They are both numerous and substantial.

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The Rise And Fall…and Rise Of Dubai’s Property Market?

The Rise And Fall…and Rise Of Dubai’s Property Market?


In the early 2000’s, Dubai was able to establish itself at the forefront of world real estate investment as ex-pats flocked to the rapidly expanding, tax free haven in the United Arab Emirates. But like all bubbles it was to eventually burst. After floating on a healthy breeze of consumer demand, the wind changed after the global economic disaster of 2008 and only now are the green shoots of recovery peeping through.

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How to Choose a Home.

This process can be confusing, if you let it.  You should approach this process systematically.

Here are some tips to help determine which house is best for you.

Once you’ve settled on a couple of preferred neighborhoods for your home search, it’s time to pick out a few homes to view. Having a house features “wish list” keeps you focused on which features are most important to you.

When narrowing down your home search, consider the following:

  • know what types of home you want to buy
  • determine what age and condition of the house you want to buy
  • consider resale potential
  • consider rental potential, for investors
  • use a features wish list to keep focused
  • use a home search comparison chart to keep organized
  • act decisively when you find the right home

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Mortgage Insights

Mortgage Rates Little Changed

Weaker than expected economic data helped mortgage rates decline to the lowest levels of the year early in the week. On Wednesday, though, a reminder that the Fed will eventually sell its portfolio of mortgage-backed securities (MBS) helped to erase the improvement. These two influences offset each other, and mortgage rates ended the week nearly unchanged.

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Foreclosures for Investors – 10% down

For those of you who are unaware, these amazing deals are available through HomePath, a Fannie Mae operation.

Following are the details:

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Where should I invest in Residential Real Estate?

In doing my research into this question I have found multiple so-called experts sharing their “best” and “worst” lists…..and of course, none of them are in sync with the other.  They all share statistics which, supposedly, prove their points, which is why I do not provide their statistics. I think most of you have heard the quote, “There are lies, there are damn lies, and there are statistics.” Statistics can be manipulated so that the point of the author is proven.  Among the sources I have found are Zillow, San Francisco Chronicle, CNN Money, and many others.  Now, let me be clear, I am not saying that these sources are liars and manipulators; all I am saying is that they interpret the statistics differently, and some may have a point to prove…….maybe.

Here are the lists (I have purposely not indicated which list is from which source)…….

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Mortgage Insights

No Change From Fed

The most highly anticipated economic event this week was Wednesday’s Fed meeting. The Fed indicated that it will not make any changes in policy at this time, which investors took as positive news for stock and bond markets. Weakness in the GDP and Jobless Claims data released this week also helped mortgage rates improve. As a result, mortgage rates ended the week a little lower.

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