Home Owners: How to Protect Yourself from a Personal Injury Suit

Home Owners: How to Protect Yourself from a Personal Injury Suit

Remember in Liar, Liar when Jim Carrey’s secretary irately recalls how her friend had a robber in her house who sued her friend because he fell on a table and injured himself?  It seems crazy that someone trespassing on your property could turn around and sue you for injuries they incurred while illegally on your property; but instances like this aren’t unheard of.  Whether you’re throwing a dinner party or have workmen in your home, you need to take the following steps to protect yourself from being involved in a personal injury suit.

  1. 1.     Know Your Obligations

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Google Your Address?

6 Reasons to Google Your Address

With virtually any type of information imaginable online, it makes sense to do regular internet searches for your home’s address. There are at least six compelling reasons it makes sense to do so, especially if it’s an address you’re thinking of renting, buying or selling. Smart homeowners would do well to search for their addresses, too, and here’s why:

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