Should I Take My Home off the Market for the Holidays?

Should I Take My Home off the Market for the Holidays?

Selling your home can be a stressful event. One of the most difficult aspects of selling your home is waiting for an interested buyer to view your home and make an offer. During this time, you may wait for days between viewings, all the while having to keep your home in impeccable condition. You may also have to leave your home with short notice when a real estate agent calls you to schedule a viewing. This can not only be stressful, but it can also be inconvenient to you. If the holidays are approaching, you may be wondering if you should take your home off the market or keep it listed for sale during this period of time. There are several points to consider:

Your Desire or Need to Sell Your Home

One of the biggest factors to consider when making the decision to take your property off the market for the holidays is how quickly you want or need to sell your home. It is true that viewings of your home may decrease over the holidays, but it only takes one interested buyer to make an offer. While some prospective buyers may be busy during the holiday season, many people do have more downtime to view homes during the holidays. This includes locals as well as those who will be relocating to your city from out of town. By continuing to keep your home on the market, you may increase the likelihood of getting an offer more quickly.

Your Home Decor and Holiday Gifts

If you want to enjoy the greatest results from keeping your home on the market during the holiday season, you will want to maintain your home in pristine condition. Your real estate agent likely recommended that you remove all aspects of your home decor that are personalized to you. This is so a potential buyer can see themselves living in the home rather than feel like they are spending time in your home. If you have the strong desire to decorate your home in holiday style, this should be considered. Further, many people feel uncomfortable having others walk through their home when holiday gifts are under a tree, stored in a closet, and so forth.

Your Holiday Plans

You should also consider your holiday plans this season. If you are having a few friends or family members visit your home for a day or two close to the actual holiday, you may not be contacted during this time for a viewing. However, if you have plans to entertain family or friends periodically throughout the season or for an extended period of time, this should be considered carefully. It can be difficult to maintain your home in pristine condition even when not entertaining. When entertaining and hosting guests, it can be even more challenging. Further, having to leave the house at the last minute for a viewing can be inconvenient to your guests. On the other hand, if your holiday plans take you outside of your home during the season, keeping your home on the market may not be a hassle at all.

As you can see, there are many points to consider when determining whether you should keep your house on the market during the holiday season. Each of these factors may be different for different sellers, so there is not an answer that is right for everyone. Consider these points carefully when making your decision.

Brenda Panin is a real estate agent and a guest blogger representing beautiful apartments in Birtinya. She loves to write about real estate, home improvement and new home decoration trends.


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