Two crossroads lay ahead and you must choose
Which one of these roads to take.
These roads, they weave and turn and whose
To say which one is best, for they bare few clues;
As you hope upon hope not to make a mistake.

You can only imagine where these roads lead;
As they both end far beyond your view.
Each road would fulfill a different need:
Of comfort versus risk; both opposites, indeed.
The comfortable one seems used and the riskier one seems new.

Each road beckons you differently, it seems.
The comfortable one is closer with a familiar view;
The riskier, more distant, like the road in your dreams;
The road of passions and hopes and schemes.
The closer one looks traveled by many, the more distant by few.

Down the familiar you would follow, down the other you would lead.
With you’re confidence high, you’re prepared to win,
And believing that you will always succeed,
And trusting yourself, are all that you need.
To choose the road where few have been.

You shall gladly tell generations, of a future day,
With a grateful sigh and a knowing nod, this story;
Of when two roads beckoned you in a different way,
And you took the one of dreams and schemes, only to say
That you soared and swooped and found your glory.

(An Original Poem by Mel Kaye)


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