As you go through life, remember this fact;

Your attitude will have the greatest impact.

Whatever you do, whoever you are,

It’s what you bring to the party that will make you a star.


It’s more important than education, skill or money,

Circumstance or looks, whether your sad or your funny;

Whether you fail or succeed, it will see you through.

The way you look at life is the way life looks at you.


What’s remarkable is that each and every day

Regarding your attitude, only you have the say.

Say it loud, say it clear, with a meaningful voice,

Concerning your attitude, only you have the choice.


You can’t change the inevitable, you can’t change the past.

No matter how hard you try, most feelings don’t last.

You start young and grow old, that you can’t re-arrange;

It’s your attitude, you have the power to change.


You can’t control what others will do.

You can’t control them and they can’t control you.

The control that you have, the control that you wield

Is the control of your attitude, that’s your only true shield.


Life, you will see, and hold it as true

Is only 10%, what happens to you.

You must believe and take it as fact,

A full 90% is how you choose to react.


An original poem by Mel Kaye


One Response to “ATTITUDE”

  1. Max Coutinho Says:


    I missed your poems: encouraging and magnificent as always…congrats :D.


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