It Brings Down The Great

Ominous and powerful, it brings down the great.
No one’s immune, it doesn’t discriminate.
It can’t be held and it can’t be seen.
But it leaves devastation wherever it’s been.

Oh, the accolades you could have had
For all those accomplishments you wanted so bad.
But you let it in and you gave it life,
And it cut you down as if using a knife.

You knew what you wanted.  You knew what to do.
Nothing could stop you, nothing, thought you.
Then you planted the seed and it grew so tall.
Nothing could stop it, nothing at all.

It grew stronger and stronger each and every day.
It destroyed everything that got in its way.
You cursed the day you gave it a name.
You tried to fight back, but in it came.

It consumed all it touched, even your dreams.
It left nothing behind, not even your screams.
And now that you know, you just want to shout,
“Don’t ever give in to those first strands of doubt.”

Original Poem by Mel Kaye


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