The Rain Will Fall

A soft wet mist engulfs the city
As a blue sky fades into a sad shade of gray.
A dark and dreary rain descends
As the sun successfully hides from the day.
The wind howls like a wounded beast
As it swoops down with its twists and its swirls
Leading dead leaves in a frantic dance
And so another day unfurls.

The cold clammy fingers of the day overcomes you
As your happy dreams sadly fade away.
Your life seems so very dark and dreary
As you hopelessly try to hide from the day.
Your thoughts reach out for a shapeless past
As you retrace your life’s twists and turns
In your frantic search to find yourself
Your day begins yet your heart still yearns.

Be still, take heart, reflect a while.
For soon this will pass and then you will know
That behind that tragic mask you wear,
As behind the wind, the cold and the snow
That the sun still shines and the birds still sing.
For this sadness you feel befalls us all.
No one, as yet has lived untouched,
Because into each life some rain must fall.

Although this blog is primarily about Real Estate, specifically, Residential Investment Property, I like to veer off into some other loves in my life such as poetry, inspiration and motivation.

This poem is an original written by me, Mel Kaye.  I hope that you enjoyed it.


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